Misconceptions about property investment

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Investing in rental property is one of the best ways to attaining financial independence.The key to succes lies in a well defined goal and in your real financial capabilities.
Indeed, we believe that rental property is always a good investment when we know how to do it.
You may probably have heard a lot of misconceptions about property investment. IMAGOLD has got useful tips for you.

Can only rich people invest ?
Of course, to obtain credit from yhe bank, you need to have incomes and no debts. You won't probably have the financial capability to buy your own house and to invest, at the same time, in rental property. Your borrowing capacity will lead you to make a choice.

Do not think too big. Huge investments are too risky
Experience has shown that it is sometimes easier to borrow a large sum of money. Indeed, if you borrow money to buy an apartment, the bank will use your incomes to determine the loan granted. On the other hand, if you buy an apartment building, this building becomes the financial guarantee. Moreover, in such an investment, the financial risk for you is limited compared to buying an apartment that brings you only one rental income.

One can become rich by buyind and selling single-family properties
We, at Imagold, do not recommand this approach, which is risky and only brings capital gains. It does not represent a source of regular income.

You do not have to be afraid of making a mistake
You must be mad to have no doubts at all! Each investment presents risks. Thats is part of the game. Being afraid of making a mistake is quite natural. Your stability is disturbed. 

Naturally, unplanned things will happen but there are always solutions to avoid that the situation turns into a nightmare. And Imagold can guide you to make your dream come true.

Too often the tenants are negligent
You personally may know people who are careless of their dwelling or late with their rent if ever they pay it half the time. To find responsible tenants who show consideration for your property is essential. Imagold can assist you in this selection.

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