Safely rent your property

IMAGOLD maintains a list of reliable candidates : 

In order to avoid vacancy of your property, we will look after the adequate candidate among those figuring in our list. This way, we can assist you in the election of the ideal one.

Our approcah :

Before the arrival of the new tenants, we :

  •  check the solvency of the potential tenants in order to find the ideal candidate
  • obtain the Energy Performance Certificate of Buildings
  • draft the lease agreement, check the bank guarantees, arrange the signing of the lease agreementgive the keys to the future tenants and draw up a description of the property
  • transmit the meter data from electricity, gas, water and heat meters
  • verify if your property is in accordance with the statutory and regulatory requirements in terms of urban planning, fire insurance, ...

At the tenants departure, we :

  • draw up the description of your property and evaluate the potential damage in order to release the guarantee
  • settle the service charges and note the meter readings
  • update the rental value of your property 
  • put your property back onto the rental market.
Moreover, if need be, we can provide you the administrative, accounting, technical and/or legal management of your property. See our service Rental management.

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