The key tool for enhancing your property value

At IMAGOLD, homestaging proceeds in 4 steps :

Homestaging is the key to dynamise your property. The homestaging techniques may be virtual, through photos, or real and make your space appealing to a wider array of potential buyers.

  1. Depersonalisation 
    Make your space as netral as possible in order to make the buyers fell at home when they tour the property

  2. Repair
    Take time to repair all the tiny things that make your space look unkempt : unsecure door handles, knocks on the walls, leaking faucets, burn-out bulbs, ...

  3. Planning
    A good spatial planning brings clarity to your property. Do not forget that a good way of cleaning up sometimes involves throwing away.

  4. Decoration
    Focus on neutral colours : white or light colours will accentuate the light of the room and make it look bigger.

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