Build your project! We will take care of it

Among professionals, the expression "a role for each one" has its real significance.

Decidind to work hand in hand with Imagold to promote your project means giving yourself the opportunity to make it the most profitable.
You excel in your work and devote your maximum time in it? We will deal with what is our core business : the marketing and the sale of real estate projects.

After having analyzed your needs and your situation, we will work on developing a marketing strategy adapted to your project. A dedicated member of our staff will become your main partner. 
It is commonly said that the quality-price ratio is the most important element when negociating the getting of an offer to purchase.

But at IMAGOLD, we know that, in reality, other related factors can influence the potential buyer's final decision. That is the reason why, at Imagold, we leave nothing to chance. Our single goal is to get a signature on a purchase contract

In order to achieve this common goal, IMAGOLD proposes related services such as :
  • the administration of the project
  • the analysis of the return of the potential purchaser's investment
  • the home styling of properties to sell
  • the creation of a 3D virtual plane for sales on plan
  • sales support for the potential purchaser's property

Working for your potential purchasers also means that we work for you.

Who are we?

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