The importance of setting the right price

The IMAGOLD agents take every parameter of your property into consideration and therefore will properly assess it.

The first step is to analyse the market, to compare the current offers, the sales over the last months and the search criteria of potential buyers in order to set the price that would be most suited to your property. Imagold fixes this price with you in a fully transparent manner. 

Internet has completely changed our way of buying. Impulsive purchases with non-negociable posted prices have become more common. Take it or leave it. This applies to the food industry, to the clothing, the household appliances as well as the holiday sector. The whole range of offers is at the consumer's disposal. Comparison is easy.

The same is true for the real estate sector, except that property purchases very often represent the most expensive purchases we make in our lives. Our price sensitivity will therefore be higher. Our first reaction to an overvaluated property will be to just move on to the next offer.

For example, a posted price that is 10% above the current value of the property (20,000 € on 200,000 €) may alienate up to 70% of potential purchasers while an overvaluation of 5% (10,000 € on 200,000 €) still discourages 50% of them.

Today, it is a volatile market with very fluctuating prices. The most coherent response to this change is to adopt it.

It is therefore imperative that we place your property in the appropriate range of values. A competitive price leads to a little margin for negociation. Take it or leave it.

An agressive price attracts more purchasers and will allow us to maximize your property value.

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