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  • 10 things that make a home unsellable, according to real-estate agents

    Business Insider asked real-estate agents around the country about what it's really like working in the industry, what they wish they could tell their clients, and if there are any factors that can make a home "unsellable."

  • How To Buy A House, In 7 Steps

    The journey to buying a house can lead down some perilous roads, past pushy Realtors, self-interested bankers and not-so-meticulous home inspectors. We lay out a step-by-step approach to help you avoid those pitfalls, from what to look for in a house that will truly make you happy to assembling a team to help close the deal.

  • A well chosen outstanding balance insurance can make you save a lot of money

    Contrary to what one may think, in Belgium, underwriting an insurance to cover the outstanding balance is not a legal requirement even if some banks insist on it when advancing a mortgage loan. This insurance guarantees that your heirs will not have to monthly repay the mortgage after your death.

  • 2016 was a record year for the Belgian real estate market

    According to the notaries Barometer figures published in February, we have just lived through an exceptional year in which the real estate transactions have increased by 8.2 % by comparison with the previous year.

  • Buying a hotel room? A fruitful placement? (Le Soir 17/03/02)

    hotel room
    You have put a little money aside and would like to invest it in real estate but your budget does not allow you to purchase a house or an apartment? Why not buy a hotel room? This concept begins to take hold in Wallonia.

  • Savings affected once more?

    Do you need to have a capital of 20% of the amount of property to be granted a loan? No, this measure has not been passed.

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